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Alive and well

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Well as you can see I am alive, and my readers know that by my wife’s blog. Quite a lot has happened since my last post, things that I won’t be going into. But things that have made me and April come together.

I know that everyone in the world has their own problems. I am not the one who is going to say well you have it bad but I have it worse, even though I do have a tendency to make things into a competition. Things are hard, things suck right now, and I would be utterly lost without April. I know things will get better and that they could be worse, but I can’t imagine how I would have handled things if I didn’t have her. I’m not very open about my feelings and rarely talk about them, but just having April sit next to me or hold my hand or play footsie with me makes me know that I can handle things. I know that you, April, will read this, so I thank you very much for being my wife, my love, and my peace.

Now onto books! I have never been a big reader, I used to loathe reading growing up, because why read what you can watch? But I have set my own goal for reading, and I’m proud I’m sticking to it. I have found that it has helped a lot with my attention, I used to get distracted easily but sitting there reading several hundred pages makes me more patient in the real world. I also really like the idea that in books you can do/be whatever you want. I don’t have any plans of writing a book, but I do love that if I did, I could do whatever wherever I pleased. I read the hunger games, and enjoyed them. Even felt like a book snob when I could say

The book was better than the movie!

I tried to read the Narnia series, and finished the first two but it just wasn’t there for me. I’m on the last book of the Ender’s Game series and really enjoying it. The last book did piss me off quite a bit, I kept flip-flopping about the characters, and how it was 8700 pages, kindle version, and nothing GREAT happened until the last 700 pages. I am proud of myself for doing this, when I think of a bookworm I think of April, and by me doing this it gives us another thing to talk about. I know I will never read as many books as she does has, but I do like reading ones she has and trying to find out what happens next!

I’m growing a mustache!

April pointed something out to me not to long ago when she said “When was the last time you’ve been in a room with someone stronger than you?” I have always had pretty good strength, I’ve never had to work on it. And when I did work on it, it was great! But I always love it when I surprise people with my strength, they think that most fat people are lazy and weak, and then I pick up a refrigerator by myself or I beat a cocky guy arm wrestling or I’m able to do something that they couldn’t just because my strength. I have won many bets about things like this and I’m always weary of not controlling it and doing something I didn’t mean to. But I do like being strong, I do like that I don’t need an impact hammer, that I can break welds without a torch, and that I can open lids for April.

I don’t have much I want to talk about. But I will later on when things are resolved.

Thanks for reading,