The cup of nuts

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

I had the grand plan of writing a blog about me and my wife’s endeavors yesterday and today, but I won’t, yet! This is by far the most awkward I’ve felt about going to see a doctor, I know it’s for the best and I have the best wife in the world here with me for support, but still awkward. It even made my Indian doctor blush!

Instead of the awkwardness of that doctors appointment I will talk about A&E’s show, Hoarders. I love this show, and hate it at the same time. I feel horrible for these people and the families, and it makes me want to clean like nobodies business! I can’t watch the ones with animals because I cry every time, those lil guys don’t deserve that! Most people don’t know this first hand but dealing with hoarders is much MUCH more difficult than the show makes it out to be. That is another reason I hate the show, seeing that reminds me of my parents. My loving wife and I helped them move, it was the most frustrating thing I’ve done in my life! The most minuscule things have meaning and purpose. I see a lot of myself in my parents, and not all bad, but not all good either. I know I have emotional attachment to stupid things, but most are things that aren’t stupid to me, and I know that’s what a hoarder would say. But my wife will attest, I have gotten better!

Side note: Cats in heat suck!

So I’ve been trying to think of ways to put myself out there more and get some followers. After a mini meltdown at the doctors about me only having three readers made me cry, and some soul searching, I’ve decided I don’t need readers, I am very grateful for the ones I do have, but this is a blog for me, for my wife, and for certain people that are interested in it. I don’t need want people to read this just because I spam them, I want readers that care, and the ones I have do! Except for the creepers who lurk in the shadows and hid behind the interwebs!

Also, at the doctors office today I got weighed, and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not posting my weight, I am fat that’s all you need to know. But seeing where I was made me want to lose more and more. I think I will try to lose more. I’ve always been fat, and for the most part I like it, but I wouldn’t mind being smaller and overall healthier for my family. I know cutting back on food will be easy, so will exercise, but candy, candy will be the death of me! I love candy and sweets! I will have to work on that one. Plus eating out, I like fast food, almost as much as candy!

More house cleaning and rearranging is underway, April has done an amazing job in the living room, and I have to build or buy a bracket for the ceiling fan in the kitchen. But I’m really proud of our hard work, the house looks great! I can’t wait for it to look like we want it!!

That is all for tonight, I hope you all have a good day!!


2 comments on “The cup of nuts

  1. aprilvak says:

    Yes, you have gotten better. And I’m very proud of you!!

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