Stupid people and a blonde doctor

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Well I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t write a blog about our car. The people we were going to be getting it from showed their true colors, I won’t be going into detail. Basically they said sure you can pay off this car, then it was switched to get a loan, then get a loan this week, then we’re taking it back today. And mind you, it wasn’t like we had the car for a while, we had it all of 16 days. So no more pretty blue car. We’re stuck with an 02 Mazda protege, and I know be happy with what you have. But we were happy to have the blue car, we fit in it comfortably, and it got nice mileage, and it was pretty, and last but not least, it reminded my wife of her S-10, oh how she adored that S-10.

We had a doctors appointment yesterday, and I think it went well. The blonde doctor was very nice and actually listened and asked my wife what she wanted to happen rather than tell her this is what we’re going to do. So we currently have a game plan, of doing blood work and all kinds of other stuff. But at least blonde doctor paid attention to what was being said and gave us her opinions too. Plenty of worrying on my part, but after talking with April she made me feel better.

So we’re jumping back to the car subject, me and my wife both have a severe attachment to our favorite vehicles, hers being the S-10 and mine being my first car a 86 Grand Marquis. My GM wasn’t much to look at, but it was my first ticket to freedom. I could fix that car on the side of the road with what I had in the trunk. She was a boat, no shocks (me and my dad took them out and put heavy duty springs in) so it had a silky smooth ride, no AC, no heat, no working most things except for an engine and a stereo, but what else does a 16 year old boy need? My wife’s S-10 was in ok shape when we met, minus the driver door not being able to close properly. That is the truck I learned how to drive a stick shift in, that’s the truck where we had our first kiss, that’s the truck that she loved! I did a lot of stuff to that truck, but in the end it wasn’t enough. After the AC died, we still put lots of miles on it. And even after doing the head gasket and putting more miles on it, she finally died. I know how much my wife loved that truck, and when we got the blue thing she said it reminded her of her truck. I was thrilled to hear that, the blue thing had all the bells and whistles I wanted and it reminded April of her truck, what more could we ask for?

So car shopping next week hopefully.


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