The last and final straw

Monday, December 12th, 2011

So Friday I’m heading to work and the oil light comes on, there has been a bit of an oil leak so I have to top it off every now and then. So I stopped and put oil in the car, the light went out and I thought it was fixed. We backed out and drove maybe ten feet and it was back on. I tried to make it to work, but on the way to work the car was making a horrific noise and was acting like the engine was about to seize up. I pulled over and called my boss and let him know I wasn’t going to be able to make it. Thankfully I have a very understanding boss!! So we made it home and tried to figure out what to do next. I called lots and lots of part houses and the dealership to find the oil pump. But alas it’s a dealer only part that has to be special ordered and paid for up front. So my darling wife texted a friend and she let us use her car for the rest of the weekend.

Then came more challenges, finding my wifey a ride to and from jury duty. But luckily she has some awesome friends that were able to help us out, and she was excused as well!!!

More things also, but here is neither the time nor place to speak of it in my opinion.

A lot has been on my mind today, maybe that’s why I have such a bad headache. I am very thankful for the friends that we have and the people who have been willing to offer me any advice or guidance. Mostly I am thankful that no matter what or how I feel I know I can always turn to my better half and get a hug and kiss and a I love you, and for me that makes everything ok. It’s like everything I’m dealing with gets pushed back and I can look at all my options from afar and understand them better. I love you sweetie, thank you for being my Xanax!!

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Not the blog to talk about this in.


One comment on “The last and final straw

  1. April says:

    I thought it was always a good time for farts?

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